Basic information

Basic information

Geflüchtete: Basisinformationen

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  • What should I know?

    The Federal Republic of Germany is a parliamentary democracy. The official language is German; if you sign contracts and printed forms, you have to sign the German version not the translation. In important cases, translators and interpreters might be able to help you. There are 16 federal states in Germany. Those states have important administrative and political tasks.

    Thuringia is one of the German federal states. About 2.2 million people live here. Thuringia has 23 rural and urban districts. The city of Erfurt is the capital and the biggest city in Thuringia. Other big cities are Jena, Weimar, Gera and Eisenach. Thuringia is located at the heart of Germany. Because it offers a lot of forests it is also called the green heart of Germany. Thuringia is good place to live and work in. There are many successful enterprises, interesting cultural and recreational activities and beautiful nature.

  • What do I do in my free time?

    Thuringia offers many diverse recreational activities. There is something for everyone, sport activities, concerts or a day at the pool. Throughout the year there are many cultural events like exhibitions, concerts, and festivals. And various smaller and larger cities have town fairs or intercultural events.

    In many districts and towns you can get in contact with people by joining a local sports club. Children and adults can try out different types of sport, play football or exercise in a swimming team. Some of the sports clubs offer refugees to train with them, to take part in competitions or the social life within the club. You can participate free of charge and are also insured in case you are hurt.