Vocational trainining in Thuringia

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  • Why is a vocational training important?

    Without a recognised vocational qualification you may only work as an unskilled labourer.  With a vocational training you can usually earn more money. You have to train and learn in a company and/or a vocational school for two or three years.

    In Germany, there is more than one way to learn a profession. The employment agency’s vocational information centre (BiZ) can show you your possibilities and can help you find a profession.

  • What is a dual vocational training?

    Germany offers a special kind of vocational training – the dual vocational training. It consists of practical work in the training companies and theoretical learning and information in the vocational schools. At the end of the dual vocational training there is an examination about the practical and theoretical contents of the training.

    During the dual vocational training you will be paid by your training company. How much money you will receive depends on what kind of industry and company you choose and in what year you do the training.

    After you have passed the examination you will receive a vocational certificate.  You will then have good chances of finding a job in Germany.

  • What is a school-based vocational training?

    There are also school-based vocational trainings. During a school-based vocational training you will spend most of the time at a vocational school. In-between you will have internships at companies or businesses. Many school-based vocational trainings are for health, nursing or social professions, but they also exist in other fields.

    School-based vocational trainings take between one and three years. It depends on the profession if you will receive money during the training. During school-based vocational trainings for health or nursing professions you will be paid every month. Other school-based vocational trainings might not be paid.

    School-based vocational trainings, too, are completed after you pass an examination. You will receive a vocational certificate and can start looking for jobs.