Language and integration courses

Language and integration courses

Geflüchtete: Sprache

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  • Where can I learn German?

    Some of the initial reception facilities offer first orientation courses. They teach basic language skills and knowledge about life in Germany. There are orientation courses for adults, young adults and children. The courses are carried out by professional staff and are open to all the people living in the initial reception facilities.

    After the transfer into one of the Thuringian districts, children can learn the German language in the schools or child day care centres. Adults and adolescents who do not attend school can go to different language classes. Again, the number of participants is limited. Many of the shared accommodations offer additional language classes. The local immigration office, the employment agency or the migration advisory services can help you find language classes and can tell you if you are allowed to attend them.

  • When can I attend an integration course?

    As soon as your asylum application has been granted you are allowed to attend an integration course. Applicants from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Eritrea can attend during their asylum procedure, as long as there are spaces available.

    Each integration course consists of a language course and an orientation course. The language course comprises 600 to 900 lessons. You will learn about important aspects of everyday life. The orientation course takes 60 hours to complete. You will acquire a basic knowledge about German history, society and culture. You will complete the integration course by taking final examinations about the language and about life in Germany. If you pass the tests you will receive the "Zertifikat Integrationskurs" (integration course certificate).

    There are also special courses for women, parents, and young adults as well as intensive courses and integration courses including literacy skills. You can ask the local immigration office, the employment agency and job centres or the migration advisory services about integration courses. Additionally you can contact the integration course providers directly.

    Currently, you pay less than EUR 2 for every lesson of the integration course (contribution to costs). If you receive unemployment benefits or social assistance you might not have to pay for the course. You can instead apply for exemption from the costs.

    There are also other organisations which offer language classes. Additionally, you can try to find a German buddy or sponsor who will help you learn the language.