Living situation

Living situation

Geflüchtete: Landeserstaufnahme

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  • What happens after I arrive in Thuringia?

    After you arrive in Thuringia you will stay in one of the initial reception facilities. You will have a place to live in, food, and if you need it you will receive clothes and pocket money. You will also be medically examined and will receive medical care if you need it. You will also receive social care where you can ask questions, get help with problems and maybe have your first German classes. While you live in the initial reception facility you should receive a registration document for asylum-seekers, the so-called BÜMA, and an appointment for your asylum application.

    After about six months you will be transferred from the initial reception facility to one of the rural or urban districts in Thuringia. There you will live while your application is being processed. Applicants from so-called safe states of origin might have to live longer in the reception facilities.

  • Where do I live after I am transferred?

    After your transfer away from the initial reception facility, the local social security office is responsible for your accommodation. You will either live in a shared accommodation or in an apartment. This means you might have to share the rooms with people you do not know. You will have to be considerate of them. Here too you will receive social care where you can ask questions and get help with problems. If you want to move to another place you will need the authorities’ consent.

    In most cases, you are allowed to move from the assigned living spaces after you have received a residence permit.