Geflüchtete: Gesundheit

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  • What if I need medical attention?

    As a refugee or asylum applicant you will first stay in one of the initial reception facilities. Here, you will have to be medically examined. This examination is mandatory. During this first examination you can also be vaccinated. After you have been transferred to one of the rural or urban districts in Thuringia vaccinations, medical check-ups and screenings and the treatment of acute diseases are limited.

    Before you seek medical attention you will need the local social security office’s consent. They will then pay for the treatment costs. You will receive a so-called “Behandlungsschein” (or Krankenbehandlungsschein) from your rural or urban district. You may receive some drugs and aids or appliances (i.e. glasses, orthopaedic insoles, psychotherapy) only in specific cases. There are exceptions, for example for pregnant women and people in life-threatening situations, for children and unaccompanied minor refugees.

    After you have received benefits according to the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act for 15 continuous months you will get an insurance card. You are now entitled to the same health care benefits as an insured person from Germany.