Living situation

Living situation

Migranten: Wohnen

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  • Where can I live?

    There are many possible places for you to live – starting from your own house in the countryside through to old restored villas in the city. Prices for renting and buying apartments or houses are rated among the best in Germany. Merely cities like Erfurt, Weimar or Jena have less properties to offer and are therefore more expensive. Rural areas are especially attractive to live in.

    Depending on the town, location and facilities, the rent for an apartment with 70 m² costs about EUR 4 to 7/m². You will have to pay the highest prices in Jena with an average of EUR 8/m². Many towns and districts offer qualified rent indexes where tenants and landlords can get information about customary prices for rentals.

  • How much do apartments or building plots cost?

    If you want to buy them, newly built apartments with good living value cost between EUR 1,800/m² (in Erfurt and Weimar) and EUR 2,900/m² (in Jena). If you are looking for exceptional living value, you can pay up to EUR 2,300 or 3,300/m² in Erfurt or Jena. In cities like Gotha or Nordhausen apartments or houses cost an average of EUR 1,300/m². Existing properties are usually cheaper.

    Prices for building plots also vary depending on region and location. In smaller towns like Apolda or Schmalkalden a building plot will cost about EUR 20/m², while prices in Erfurt, Jena or Weimar amount to at least EUR 100/m². In exclusive city locations you might even have to pay more than EUR 400/m². In contrast, building plots in the countryside can be bought for less than EUR 5/m².