Health and recreation

Health and recreation

Migranten: Gesundheit und Erholung

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  • Are there opportunities for recreation?

    Becoming and staying healthy is most important to us all. Thuringia has a highly developed health care system and surroundings which support and guarantee relaxation and recreation. If you are looking for a place to relax, you can easily do so in the Thuringian Forest or in one of the many health resorts. Your days can be filled with traditional wellness and spa treatments or with modern relaxation techniques to ensure a restful stay.

  • How is the medical care?

    Thuringia has 45 hospitals and 34 prevention and rehabilitation facilities which provide general and emergency medical care. There are 8,870 practising doctors in Thuringia, in hospitals as well as in local surgeries or practices. Since 2003 this number has grown by about ten per cent and will likely increase in the coming years,  due mainly to the arrival of many qualified doctors from other countries. Government subsidies have been initiated to ensure that the rising demand for family doctors and specialists will be met, particularly in rural areas.