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  • What is the Welcome Center Thuringia?

    The Welcome Center Thuringia is the first contact point for foreign people who want to live, study, work or do a vocational training in Thuringia. It also supports Thuringian employers who are interested in employing people from abroad. Additionally, the Welcome Center offers information for interested residents, associations, organisations, and other interested institutions.

    The Welcome Center Thuringia provides information about the following topics:

    • living, working, studying and doing vocational trainings in Thuringia
    • searching for, recruiting, employing and integrating foreign workers and trainees,
    • possible ways of looking for employment and of applying for jobs.

    The Welcome Center, therefore, has an important supporting role and can help finding the right contact person.

    Telephone: (0049) 0361 5603 620
    Email: welcome-center(at)

  • What are ZAV and EURES?

    The International Placement Services (Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung – ZAV) is a service of the Federal Employment Agency which cooperates with local institutions and searches worldwide for skilled personnel.

    In the European Union and in the EEA countries the ZAV cooperates with the EURopean Employment Services (EURES) which is a job mobility portal offering information, advice and support for job seekers and employers.

    Point of contact for employers:

  • What are European service offices?

    In addition to EURES, interested employers can also contact the European service offices. Those are local actors with various contacts to institutions in other European countries which can offer employers alternative access to foreign workers and skilled personnel. Some of the European service offices organise business trips abroad for local companies to possible business partners and to educational institutions in other member states.

    After a successful recruitment, the European service offices offer support in integrating the new employees on a long-term basis. Here, the offices closely collaborate with local existing structures and offers.

    Some of the European service offices also advise about the organisation and implementation of mobility projects. Through those projects employers can offer their employees professional experience abroad and provide other European workers with an internship and insight into the work processes of the business.

    Each one of the planning regions offers one European service office.

    Northern Thuringia:Europa-Service-Nordthüringen
    Alte Leipziger Straße 50
    99734 Nordhausen
    Telephone:(0049) 03631 918 200
    South Western Thuringia:Europa-Service-Südwestthüringen
    Werner-Seelenbinder-Straße 15
    98529 Suhl
    Telephone:(0049) 03681 30 49 36
    Eastern Thuringia:Europabüro Ostthüringen
    Friedrich-Engels-Straße 5
    07545 Gera
    Telephone:(0049) 0365 55 24 230
    Central Thuringia:Europa-Service-Mittelthüringen
    Regierungsstraße 6
    99084 Erfurt
    Telephone:(0049) 0361 55 04 98 72
  • What is the project for the promotion of professional integration of refugees (FIF)?

    The project is aimed at migrants, asylum applicants and refugees aged 16 to 35 years who want to stay in Thuringia. It covers a wide range of topics:

    • advising about the recognition of qualifications, degrees and professions
    • coordinating examinations of competence and professional abilities and skills,
    • personal career guidance (comparison of personal career ideas and vocational possibilities in Germany as well as application training),
    • developing individual and personalised qualification and integration plans,
    • organising and supervising internships and work placements according to the qualification and integration plan, 
    • help contacting suitable training companies as well as professional and personal support during the vocational training, 
    • encouraging intercultural awareness among companies as well as informing about and arranging trainings for vocational trainers and human resource managers.

    Email: wolf(at)